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A big blog post about taking big risks

I get the Post-A-Day prompts that WordPress kindly provides.   Sometimes, I’ll even use one and write something, like this post on hope, … because it’s not every day that I live through something just ridiculous enough to write about.   But more … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on pride, pretty men, and pain

They say that pride goeth before the fall…  But I tend to think that in my case, it’s always the pretty man who pushes me over the edge.  I know this.  But being a girl, I am a sucker for pretty … Continue reading

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The art of writing a nice note (or things I learned from my mother)

In honor of International Women’s Day, it seems best that I write about one of the women in my life – my mother. We tease, in that self-deprecating way, that perhaps all of my bad habits, or at the very … Continue reading

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