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Wait a minute, where do babies come from?

My nephew arrived in the wee hours of this past Sunday morning.  Easter Sunday, actually.  Which prompted a whole conversation with my mother – prior to writing this post – about whether or not she had ever actually convinced my brother that … Continue reading

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Superstition and the runner

The first race of 2011 is in the books, and two days later … I’m still wondering how I survived. Let me back up a couple of months.  January.  January in Minnesota.  In case you don’t live here, I’ll put … Continue reading

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For the love of baseball

It’s no big secret that I am a baseball fan. Perhaps, even a fanatic.  I love the statistics, and the probabilities inherent in every match-up.  Warm June evening games and late October pennant runs.  Over-priced hot dogs and world-weary stadium … Continue reading

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