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When Neil Gaiman reads, I listen

Neil Gaiman read me a poem the other day.  Okay.  So he actually read it to a lot of people last Friday night, as part of MPR’s most recent Wits show at the Fitzgerald, but I caught it on YouTube, having unfortunately … Continue reading

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Wood and clay and inspiration

Pottery classes have recently become an anchor to my weeks.   On Friday nights, I show up and throw, or mold, or trim, or glaze.  Or maybe a bit of everything.  In three hours, you probably wouldn’t think I accomplish a lot.  A creativity high … Continue reading

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Running and writing

… are two things I’ve missed recently.  I’m not always super diligent in doing either of these activities – life’s always a bit crazy in the Bethany Lane – but both are appear regularly enough on the schedule.  And yet, it is more … Continue reading

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