Running and writing

… are two things I’ve missed recently.  I’m not always super diligent in doing either of these activities – life’s always a bit crazy in the Bethany Lane – but both are appear regularly enough on the schedule. 

And yet, it is more than halfway through June.  And I’ve not run in a month.  Or written in even longer.  I feel the lack like an itch between my shoulder blades.  Or perhaps a hum in my brain.   The hum is likely all of the unsorted thoughts I have, bouncing around my skull like agitated bees in a too-small hive.  Usually, they would get processed into some sort of order over a couple of miles, and the more intriguing or entertaining ones end up written down somewhere.

But the last month has been a wild ride, complete with an ER visit and a couple of surgeries, and lots of prescription medicine.  Mostly, it’s left me with not a lot of energy, and an overwhelming desire to just watch ‘Doctor Who‘ until it all feels better.   My brain’s a bit fuzzy (what could possibly congeal into a writeable topic?) and my body’s not a lot better … and now it’s June.  [sidebar: Don’t piss off your kidneys.   They are very mean when provoked.]

In the interim … well, there has been baseball.  And of a better quality, as of late (thank you Twins!).  And there have been babies.  And, the indescribable force for good that is friends and family.  And then there’s me, sitting up on a Monday night, trying to marshal any two thoughts into a straight line.

That seems like a beginning.


About bethanyrgrimm

Traveler. Coffee addict. Nerd. Fashionista. Baseball aficionado. Bethany Grimm (née Rein) is a twenty-something professional living in sunny and warm St Paul. She drinks too much coffee and reads too many books. But in her defense, she can explain the in-field fly rule and change her own oil, so at least she's a well-rounded nerd. An avid runner, Bethany also plays recreational sports with more enthusiasm than skill. You may find her telling the men in her life to put on a tie already.
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2 Responses to Running and writing

  1. redcon1 says:

    Beth, my dear, running is a wonderful way to find mental strength. Hang in there. I love doing something physical when things are a little hectic. All will be well.

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