A tale of two trees

‘Tis a tale of woe and heartbreak.

Husband bought the house we live in several years ago. The house itself dates back to the early 1940s.  As a corner lot, we’re lucky to have some “boulevard” trees.  [I quote-acize boulevard because until recently, I did not know that’s what you called the strip of grass between the side walk and the street.  Who knew?]  This means the City planted them, and is ultimately responsible for them.

Our best guess is these trees in the boulevard are at least half as old as the house (so at least 30 some years), but it could be more.

This little story of woe begins last June. Being only affianced at that time, and still living in Minneapolis, I arranged with Husband to leave my car at his house while in Montreal for a long weekend. It would be safer than unattended in my apartment parking lot and waiting for me when he picked me up from the airport on Sunday night.

Drenched in the Euro-charms of Montreal, Facebook told on Friday that the Twin Cities were getting pummeled in some gnarly storms, and I knew Husband had planned to hang out with my travel buddy’s husband and two adorable Small Ones. So in the evening, I checked in via Google Talk (yeah for Free WIFI!).  Husband responds. 

“Oh man. Can we Skype? I have really bad news.”

Probably my least favorite phrase, just for reference. My thoughts do this: WHIZZ. Ohmygosh is he in the hospital? WHIZZ Is something wrong one of Small Ones??  WHIZZ  Has all life ceased to exist?

So I Skyped him.

“The tree fell on your car.  And it’s totally crushed.  I’m sorry babe, your car is dead.”


Ah… yup. For reference, the tree used to look like this:


For the most part, that tree got chopped up and added to our firewood pile (before the City came to pull the stump), so I’ll have a certain grim satisfaction of burning it piece by piece. But, we miss the shade it provided our backyard, and are now on the “tree replacement” list … for 2016.

A couple of months ago, we noticed the tree closer to the corner has a definite lean to it.  [The storms had straight-line winds in excess of 60mph and several inches of a rain in a couple hours’ period, so lots of trees went down because the ground was too wet and the winds too strong. I guess this one got pulled up … but thankfully not over.]

It leans towards the house.


And then we noticed the crack.

Boy am I glad that Husband doesn’t think I’m a blight on his trees.

So, it was with a heavy heart that I called the City after Christmas, having determined  that if we were going to have to remove it, at least we didn’t have to pay for it, by virtue of it being a boulevard tree.  They looked at a few weeks ago, and marked it for removal.

Last night, as Husband and I were heading home from Date Night, he said

“There’s a surprise at the house for you. I’m pretty sure you’ll notice it right away.”

We parked, and my work-addled brain couldn’t figure out why the snow was all trampled …

“Holy sh…. THEY TOOK THE TREE!!!!!!!!!!”  No, I hadn’t hugged it!  Or said good bye to it!  Or thanked it for its shade.”


(It’s polar vortex part deux here, so … a morning after picture instead).
I’m glad it’s not a new roof waiting to happen, but man am I sad that it’s gone.  And I’m sure I’ll only get sadder when contemplating the Xcel bill this summer. It gave the house almost full shade in the late afternoon.

So here’s to you, dear trees.  I’ll miss you.


About bethanyrgrimm

Traveler. Coffee addict. Nerd. Fashionista. Baseball aficionado. Bethany Grimm (née Rein) is a twenty-something professional living in sunny and warm St Paul. She drinks too much coffee and reads too many books. But in her defense, she can explain the in-field fly rule and change her own oil, so at least she's a well-rounded nerd. An avid runner, Bethany also plays recreational sports with more enthusiasm than skill. You may find her telling the men in her life to put on a tie already.
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