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Just call me The Hander of the Tools

Happiness comes in the little things.  This weekend, happiness came in the form of tools.  And the correct identification thereof.  You see, my brother and I worked on our cars on Saturday.  We have built up quite a catalog of experience … Continue reading

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Five books

I read voraciously.  With a speed and appetite that has kept me up far too late on far too many evenings.  To the amusement of my friends and family when I drop out of the room, the conversation, the space … Continue reading

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A book … and a moderately deep thought

[Originally a “note” on the Book of Face, this post was first written on November 19th, 2009 .  Blame it on the weekly wander last night through Target (where Valentine’s Day appears to be on steroids), I’ve had too much time lately to think about … Continue reading

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