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Year in review

A “year in review” post indicates that there’s plenty to sum up. However, a glance at the history of this blog makes it look like that might be a reach.  One post in August hardly seems worthy of year that … Continue reading

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A post directly from Bethany’s “irrelevant, senatorial level of consciousness”

Ever read a sentence that just stopped you in your tracks? Made you realize that those couple of dozen words perfectly encapsulated an unnamed thought that had been buzzing around your head? The sense of relief can be palpable. Because … Continue reading

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Priorities and active listening

It might be a bit early for resolutions. Given how this year has gone though … maybe I should start now. But why am I thinking about resolutions in November? Well, it’s something I read this weekend. I’ve been mulling over its importance. Worrying it, like a dog … Continue reading

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